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David Duchovny randomness
Apr 17 '14




David Duchovny on Live with Kelly & Michael || April 17, 2014

#guys #I’m pretty sure the age of really really hot Duchovny is end with californication #And I want to cry #WTF is he wearing? #A plaid shirt and velvet jacket #GOD #I’m about to call it #for realls (via dargina)

Call that shit. It’s true.

i still blame the hair cut you guys…it’s so short it makes him look bald and it doesn’t go with his face like wtf nooooooooooooo

♪Let it Grooooowww, Let it Grooowww,
For godsakes, David, Let it Groooooow♪

You don’t want him. I want him, now back off btches.

Apr 17 '14


what exactly happened in 1998 with david duchovny? 

ugh nothing really happened. sometimes david was so honest  and some people don’t like that. he’s been nice, problem is he got married and girls went ballistic on him and blame him for every littile thing. 

Apr 17 '14
Apr 16 '14
Apr 16 '14
Apr 16 '14

Ooooh no.



Stupid celeb gossip blogs are actually ‘reporting’ that GA and DD are ‘finally revealing their relationship’ via twitter. 

This annoys me greatly. 

I’m so pissed. It’s such a bunch of BS. They are going to ruin all the fun. I hate them. Stupid idiots. 

Why are you acting surprised? same old, same old. 

Apr 16 '14
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